I am Matthew Edor, usually called Uncle Matthew by many. I am very passionate about reading, writing and sharing my thoughts on a variety of issues, hence this site for that purpose. I as well take pleasure in people expressing their views on my thoughts so don’t hesitate to share yours as well.

I am also a Graphics Designer and consultant in that regard who is ready to serve any client to realize their graphic design, branding and advertising needs.

I love to hang around my friends, share ideas and thoughts on issues pertaining to life amongst other disciplines that are key to existence. In doing this, I always love to see my friends and people happy all the time and therefore make time to chat and laugh with all and as well give advice or counsel when the need be. This I believe is geared towards encouraging one another towards achieving our dreams.

I care a lot about less privileged and the needy in the society. I am therefore part of an NGO (ACT LOVE TO ALL NATIONS ASSOCIATION) that is established to seek the welfare of the poor, the needy, the less privileged and the Disabled in the society as a means of giving them the cause to also smile. You can get connected to us via altanations.wordpress.com.

Get in touch with me on the contact page and lets be friends, share ideas and thoughts on issues and grow together.

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